TSS Social Responsibility & Technical Welfare

TSS Social Responsibility & Technical Welfare

TSS prides itself on taking technical services to a new level of professionalism. We spend much time/money to train and educate of team members.  As a result, they develop a greater self-esteem and awareness of responsibilities.  We have a workforce that is motivated.

  • Saving Schemes

We experience that technician’s need assistance in organizing their financial affairs and future. Wherever we operate, we expect all technical team to open a Bank Account to encourage savings and to establish a credit history. While we accept that this may not be immediately practical in Southern Sudan we will certain to do all we can to ensure this policy is adopted within 12 months of contract award.

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Policy Methodology

HIV/AIDS has become a major epidemic throughout Africa and the world at large and is undoubtedly one of the greatest social challenges of today’s generation. In sub-Saharan Africa the epidemic is destabilizing markets and destroying societies. The effect of HIV/AIDS on manpower has reached the point at which it is essential that we formulate a policy to ensure the business survival and our employee welfare. TSS recognizes the need for increased action against the spread of HIV/AIDS. We are committed to an effective HIV/AIDS awareness, education and prevention program.

  • HIV/AIDS Policy

The first and most important step is to formulate and adopt HIV/AIDS policy. The goal of our policy is to protect our workforce against the spread of AIDS and to assist infected employees or to encourage them to have positive living so as to be able to contribute to the business and to the community (ies).


We believe that, unchecked, the spread of AIDS will lead to over 50% of our workforce becoming incapacitated and unproductive. Apart from the social implications, a business which is reliant on manpower cannot sustain this. The benefits of Awareness, Education and Prevention easily outweigh the cost.

  • Non- Discrimination
  • TSS, group has taken active steps in establishing a Non-Discriminatory policy. We do not ask employees to open-up their HIV/AIDS status before they are employed.
  • Prevention and Awareness


We believe that Awareness and Education on HIV/AIDS prevention is very important. In other countries of our operation, we have taken steps to start Education on HIV/AIDS awareness program.


During Phase 1, we requested employees to volunteer to attend HIV/AIDS workshop. A total of 150 employees in Nairobi volunteered and attended the lectures. The outcome was extremely positive. We recognize the fact that we have to win the trust of employees.

Phase 2 will be to get more volunteers until everyone has completed the program. A regular HIV/AIDS annual refreshers courses / basics Office courses are taking place.

  • Voluntary Counseling and Testing

TSS group will offer, at no cost to the employee, voluntary counseling and testing. All results will be kept in the strictest confidence by the provider. The success of voluntary counseling and testing is dependant on a successful awareness and education program.

  • Care, Support and Treatment

  • TSS group recognizes its responsibility to its employees living with AIDS. No employee will be terminated, retired and in any way discriminated against because of their HIV status. Currently the provision of free antiretroviral drugs remains an aspiration. Where our clients recognize their role in the provision of drugs, we remain committed to that cooperation.

TSS group insures through Alico and AON Minet in Southern Sudan. Both companies are large enough to extend the services to other states of South Sudan. We shall put in place adequate insurance cover in southern Sudan to cover our potential exposure. We include below a sample of some of the cover currently in place in South Sudan.

  • Training Program

TSS group, we are fully committed to the need for regular, quality training for all employees of the company. It is a vital component for assuring the optimum performance of the employee. All staff will undergo our basic office course and they will receive annual refresher courses of not less than 16 hours.  All personnel that attend our training will receive a certificate of attendance and a copy will be filed in the employee’s personal file. A master training record will also be kept.


TSS group is a member of the British Standard Industry Association (BSIA) and the Training Organization (SITO).  And our commitment to training is unstinting. Our training courses consist of practical training methods.

  • Training Techniques

We use a combination of training techniques in order to maintain attention and increase absorption during the course. Elements will be conducted in the classroom, others on the training field.

In the classroom again, we vary the training media. All our courses are delivered through PowerPoint with liberal use of colour and pictures but we also use video and practical hand-on demonstrations.

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